Certificate and Program Requirements

WISeNet trainees are subject to the degree requirements of the University, their home department, and the WISeNet certificate and training program.  Departmental course requirements may be waived in favor of the WISeNet courses below, on a case-by-case basis, following approval by the DGS and the advisor. Individual trainees and their advisors should customize the curriculum to cover the WISeNet theory/methodological core areas (computational intelligence, robotics, control and estimation, and statistical inference), and the WISeNet operational core areas (sensor design, environmental modeling, embedded systems, and ground verification).

Students in the WISeNet certificate and training program have the following requirements:

  1. Complete all three interdisciplinary WISeNet core courses.
  2. Complete the WISeNet seminar course.
  3. Complete a 10-week research experience chosen from the WISeNet menu of laboratory and field experiments.
  4. Complete one synthetic sensor simulation and visualization software (3SVS) project.
  5. Complete one Duke immersive Virtual Environment (DiVE) project.
  6. Complete one writing workshop.
  7. Complete the Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) training of the Duke Ph.D. Program.